On The Issues

Jobs:  Jobs are the number one issue in this campaign, throughout Pittsfield, and Massachusetts. I have spoken with dozens of people who are either working multiple low-paying jobs, can’t find a job, or have college-educated children living at home because they are unable to get a job. It is the role of government to create an environment in which businesses and entrepreneurs can create jobs for our citizens. In order to do this, a good leader has to be able to work collaboratively with partners in both the public and private sectors. Politics is a team sport.

I am proud to have been a part of the team that created Pittsfield’s Renaissance over the past eight years. With the leadership of Mayor Ruberto and the collaboration of the City Council, Pittsfield has become a destination of choice in the Berkshires with a refurbished Colonial Theater, the Beacon Cinema, the Barrington Stage Company, and dozens of new shops and eateries.

As your state representative, I will:

  • lead the efforts to bring Fiber-to-Premise broadband technology to every home and business in Pittsfield, which will leapfrog Pittsfield past every other city in the country in terms of connectivity and capacity of the Internet,
  •  partner with Berkshire Regional Employment Board and Berkshire Community College to promote more workforce development to match our workforce with the local jobs that need to be filled,
  • work to reduce energy costs and be sure that small businesses realize those savings
  • support solutions to our rising healthcare costs
  • continue the collaborative efforts led by US Senator John Kerry, US Congressman John Olver, and State Senator Ben Downing to bring good-paying jobs to Pittsfield through contracts like the General Dynamics Littoral Combat Ship,

Advocacy for Pittsfield:  When I have gone door to door, people have told me that they don't think government works for them.  People are tired of the politics of "NO".  They want to see someone in office that cares about their problems and is willing to work with others to solve those problems.  I have a proven track-record of leading through collaboration.   We find common ground and work towards a solution.  This is the kind of leadership Pittsfield needs.  

You want a state representative that represents you. Family is my top priority. I am a working mother with three children and have aging parents. I am a homeowner and taxpayer. I understand the long and short term challenges that families have to face and plan to make this my driving force and motivation while in office.

The state representative for Pittsfield has the advantage of working with one mayor, one city council and one community.  Where other state representatives have to balance the many needs of different communities, all of my energy can be invested in advocating for the City of Pittsfield.  It is in the best interests of everyon for the state representative and the city government to have a strong working relationship, and my ability to work with others will help to move the city forward.

The processes of State government can be burdensome and frustrating. Yet, it is the state representative’s job to tough out these processes, ensuring that the interests of Pittsfield and its families are met. This means advocating for and securing funding and grants that will improve YOUR everyday life.                                 


Education:  I am a teacher, and have been for nearly 25 years. I want what we all agree that our children need: good schools, strong teachers, excellent curriculum and high expectations. A major part of this is having school facilities that meet the demands of a 21st Century education. I have been working for more than 6 years on the School Building Needs Commission. Currently, we are working on the high school building project. Until now, this project has lacked strong advocacy from our legislative delegation. I plan to be an important member of the team to realize this project, but I will play a different role as your state representative. It is critical to have someone in Boston that knows this project inside and out. As the state representative I will be in a position to help facilitate progress on this initiative and keep Pittsfield on track for funding.

We also need to take a long hard look at the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). Its name suggests that it is a comprehensive assessment system, but we know it is really a high-stakes test. MCAS has forced teachers into a different way of teaching, not for the sake of learning, but rather to be able to answer questions in a prescribed and robotic way. Education should be about the strength of our teachers and their ability to motivate their students in their own unique way. In order to try and meet the state-established standards, school leaders have developed programs where Math and English are the only subjects some kids receive. Important subjects like Health, History and World Languages are left to waste. We have an entire system that strives to be “proficient”, yet there are no incentives to achieve beyond that all important score of 240.


Life/Choice:  I am an ardent supporter of programs and services that empower women and girls; and those that seek to educate our community about pregnancy and family planning.

I personally oppose abortion. It is a belief rooted in my faith and my faith is important to me.  This is a very complicated issue about which I feel deeply conflicted, and I think that makes me very much like most people.

And as an elected official, I understand that I am responsible to all of my constituents and their varied needs. Roe v Wade is the law of the land and it is my responsibility to uphold the law, which I will do. I will not vote to restrict access to or funding for programs and services for women who seek services.

In order to be true to both my personal belief system and to my constituents, I have not sought the endorsement of any organization or group that creates endorsements based upon this this particular issue.




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