Letters to the Editor

Friday, September 2, 2016

Farley-Bouvier a leader on local, state issues

We would like to join with many others in our community in voicing our support for re-electing Tricia Farley-Bouvier as our state representative.

For us, she exemplifies what is best in the label "Democratic." She displays the values and the activism that make the Democratic Party, at its best, representative of the interests of the majority of our citizens. She understands, as does Sen. Elizabeth Warren said this past Saturday at Berkshire Community College, that the progressive agenda is, above all, an American agenda. And she takes seriously Sen. Warren's dictum, " you can't win what you don't fight for."

Tricia is not just someone who votes the right way. Her record in the House reflects her commitment to fighting and winning for us legislation that will level the playing field and make the commonwealth a better place in which to live, even when it means she has to buck the leadership to do so. As chair of the House Progressive Caucus, she has worked with her colleagues to champion the causes that she ardently believes in, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, preserving our Article 97 conservation land from corporate overreaching and protecting us from dangerous gas leaks. Equally important is what Tricia and her caucus has saved us from: permission in energy bills for utilities to tack on a tariff to consumers to pay for pipelines that would not benefit them.

Tricia's election to the co-chairmanship of the Progressive Caucus is indicative of the respect she has earned among her colleagues. She has also become a respected voice within the state Democratic Party, not least of all because she goes to bat for progressive legislators in other districts to preserve their seats from Republican challengers. As a result, Tricia was appointed deputy whip at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia this past July.

What's also remarkable about Tricia is that she does not wear blinders. She speaks out forcefully and knowledgeably on momentous national issues as well as local ones. So when the Pittsfield City Council was considering a resolution calling for the overturning of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, she spoke to the Council about the importance of adding its voice to the movement to reinstitute limits on campaign financing. Her advocacy helped move the needle and in the end the council voted overwhelmingly for the resolution.

She exemplifies the mature leadership we need to deal with the economic, educational and energy challenges Pittsfield and the Berkshires face in the coming years. We urge you to vote on Thursday, Sept. 8 to return Tricia Farley-Bouvier to the Massachusetts House.

Louise and Frank Farkas, Pittsfield


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Farley-Bouvier on team that has boosted Pittsfield

Before Tricia Farley-Bouvier first served as an at-large councilor on the City Council, there was little or no growth in downtown Pittsfield. Our downtown wasn't a destination. Since then, Pittsfield has been experiencing a revitalization that would be the envy of any small city. We now have the Colonial Theatre, the Beacon Cinema, Barrington Stage Company, a downtown farmers market, and a new high school under construction.

The process of bringing each of these projects to Pittsfield required long hours and years-long collaboration. In each case, Tricia was a part of the leadership team that navigated the many obstacles that could have sidelined any one of these projects.

When it comes to state representative, we need someone who has demonstrated the ability to work with others to get the job done. We need someone who is here and has been here for the long haul and has invested time helping our community.

We need Tricia. Please join me in voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Thursday, Sept. 8.

Kevin Winslow, Pittsfield


Farley-Bouvier is a proven state rep.


"The only source of knowledge is experience." This quote by Albert Einstein is a reflection of State Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier.

She is a strong, independent woman who understands family values and the value of the community. She should be re-elected as state representative because she is active in the community, but most importantly she shows compassion and love for what she does.

Since becoming state representative in 2011 she has successfully been the representative for our families, for education, and on many other more issues that we face today.

Jack A. Quattrochi, Pittsfield


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Above and beyond in Orlando's wake

A few hours after the shocking massacre of 49 human beings in Orlando, I sent an email out to a group of people, searching for others who felt called to do something in response to this terrible tragedy. The first person to respond that Sunday morning was our state representative, Tricia Farley-Bouvier.

Together we and a small group of other community members, in particular Ed Sedarbaum of Berkshire Rainbow Seniors, organized a public vigil to express our profound grief and our fierce resolve to work together to prevent future mass shootings from happening and to end homophobia.

Tricia went above and beyond in those 48 hours when we put the vigil together. Always responsive, she helped ensure we had the necessary permits in hand to gather in Park Square and then spoke directly and powerfully at the vigil itself.

That's what it means to be a leader. That's what it means to be a responsive and committed member of this community. That's what it means to be an outspoken advocate for positive change.

I'm proud to be voting to re-elect state Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Thursday, Sept. 8, and I invite you to join me.

Megan Whilden, Pittsfield


Farley-Bouver is a positive force as rep.

I'm adding my support for Tricia Farley-Bouvier, state representative from the 3rd Berkshire District, in the Sept. 8 primary.

I trust her work ethic, values and ability to get things done and see no reason why she shouldn't be returned to the position she holds. Tricia is a positive force as our state representative.

Elaine J. LaPierre, Pittsfield


Friday, August 26, 2016

Farley-Bouvier instrumental to St. Mary endeavor

Eight years ago my parish, St. Mary Morning Star, was scheduled to close. I had a sense of the fine example of Romanesque architecture that existed inside and outside of the church but it was only when I became the author and historian of the booklet, "St. Mary the Morning Star Parish, 1915–2008" that I realized the significance of its parishioners.

At the August, 1941 Silver Jubilee Celebration, 500 people marched from Park Square to the Tyler Street lawn party grounds. The celebration's purpose was to help fund the building of a new church for St. Mary's. Amongst the parishioners who were important contributors to this endeavor were several members of the Nesbit family. George Nesbit was an advisory board member and John Nesbit served as a lawn fete worker.

One of the advertisements in the jubilee booklet was Nesbit Bros, Inc., "Where You Get That Real Personal Service." It described the Nesbit grocery store that was located at 770 Tyler Street. I know many people who are reading this letter will fondly remember that store. In 1963, when I became a parishioner of St. Mary's, there was always a Nesbit serving in some capacity.

When the announcement in Sept., 2014 came that the Diocese of Springfield had a purchase agreement with Dunkin' Donuts through Cafua Management to purchase the St. Mary campus and Dunkin' Donuts planned to raze the church, 1,500 people protested via a Facebook page almost overnight. The Friends of St. Mary's ad hoc committee was formed to try to save and re-purpose the church.

Over the last two years. another member of the Nesbit Family, Tricia Farley-Bouvier, continued the Nesbit service to St. Mary's. In her quiet way, she supports and is informed about our preservation activity. She is always available to help and I personally feel secure knowing that if there is anything that can be done out of Boston she will be there to help. Through a state-funded transformative district initiative, Tyler Street is finally receiving the attention and funding it deserves.

Our efforts to save St. Mary's church building have not been achieved yet but I feel we are on the cusp of some exciting things for the campus. We need a representative who will not need a learning curve to help us achieve our goals.

Please vote to keep Tricia Farley-Bouvier as our state representative in the primary on Sept. 8 so she may continue her strong support for helping to re-purpose St. Mary Morning Star Church.

Dianne DiNicola, Pittsfield


A hard-working and dedicated state rep.

Pittsfield needs Tricia Farley-Bouvier to keep doing what she is doing for our city, our neighborhoods and our future. Her indefatigable, optimistic commitment to our city is matched only by her tireless determination to make things happen.

As new downtown residents in 2008, our paths crossed and I am so glad they did! Tricia is one of the most talented, hard-working, caring leaders of this city's revitalization. Her advice and support as a member of the Gateway Cities Caucus has been invaluable to help establish and gain progress on the Tyler Street District Transformative Development Initiative (TDI). Those of us involved in the initiative seek her advice and counsel often.

Her breadth of knowledge, willingness to listen to both sides of an issue, find common ground and win-win solutions has placed our city in a stronger position on Capital Hill in Boston. Because Tricia knows "State government happens right here, in our community."

From education to the environment, child welfare to charter schools, equal rights to gas leaks, mental health and substance abuse, and more, Tricia is here working for us, with us, on the challenges facing our city and our commonwealth.

Our community is fortunate to have such a dedicated public servant representing our city in Boston. Please join me in voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier for re-election on Thursday, Sept. 8 and again in the November general election.

Suzanne Engels, Pittsfield


Farley-Bouvier has succeeded for Pittsfield

I support re-electing Tricia Farley-Bouvier as our state representative in the 3rd Berkshire District.

Tricia has remarkable energy, as evidenced by her attendance at the meetings of various organizations and her willingness to work to improve the lives of all Pittsfieldians. She recognizes that education holds the key to successful futures for our citizens and works with parents, teachers and administrators to assure access to education for all.

Tricia has the ability to bring people together to work for the common good. Working with others, she's done much to move Pittsfield forward, never seeking to take credit for her accomplishments. As a resident of Morningside, I was delighted that Tricia obtained grants establishing a fellowship for the Transformative Development Initative project. Once again she accomplished this without fanfare.

I urge you to vote for Tricia Farley-Bouvier in the Sept. 8 primary and the general election in November.

June C Stewart, Pittsfield


State rep. is vocation for Farley-Bouvier

I support Tricia Farley-Bouvier for election to represent us in the Massachusetts Statehouse.

I am committed to her sense of leadership because of her commitment to us. A recent David Brooks column in the New York Times distinguished the types of politicians by those who have a vocation — a calling — and the careerist. The ones with a vocation believe that they must bring their abilities, energies and talent to serve the public good, and are committed to serving that long-term ideal. Tricia has that vocation.

Quite simply, it is sacred work they do, and that she does: helping address our social, economic and health problems. Look at Tricia's work with the opioid bill. Our sense of community — look at her work in bringing funding for our amazing Commons Park. Have you seen the city's children in the sweltering heat, laughing in the delights of that splash pad or met a neighbor at the next booth at the Saturday farmers market, or stretched out in a lawn chair for Shakespeare in the Park? This is the heartbeat of our community, in a park brought to us by the vision of Deval Patrick and the work on funding of Tricia and our City's Park Commission.

Look forward toward the future, there is the building (and funding) for a new Taconic High School, and growing our city's economy. Consider her amazing work for Pittsfield as a designated Gateway City to bring money to our schools, fund the Innovation Center, and help our most precious resource, our children, with The Shannon Grant that benefits children at risk.

She explores creative ways to improve our future, an example of which is the Tyler Street development for new businesses and a revitalization of that neighborhood. She takes joy in this work, and is always accessible to us, and open to listening.

Examine her record, ask her about your concerns. She will be there, with an open heart and mind, guided by her sense of commitment to action.

Sheila E. McKenna, Pittsfield


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Farley-Bouvier listens, works hard for community

Over the last six years, we have had the opportunity to observe the exemplary work Tricia Farley-Bouvier has done on behalf of Pittsfield residents, both in her role as our state representative and as the public affairs coordinator for the mayor's office. Without exception, she has always made an extraordinary effort to listen to the concerns of her constituents and work with them to identify and develop effective solutions to address their challenges.

She possesses an inclusive and collaborative leadership style, which makes her ideally suited for serving as a representative of a community with a diverse range of interests and concerns. Without fanfare, she has worked to garner a better understanding of the underlying economic needs of our community and to create greater opportunities for educational attainment, living wage employment, and stable, decent housing.

Her substantive and deliberative style may not be flashy enough for some, but it has proven to be tremendously effective. It is our hope that you will join us in supporting Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative in the upcoming election.

Brad and Kristen Gordon, Pittsfield


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Farley-Bouvier is a proven education advocate

I am an educator and volunteer who supports Tricia Farley-Bouvier with enthusiasm. Tricia is steadfast, reliable, energetic and works hard to get things done. For example, using teamwork and collaboration, Tricia connected the dots to advocate to rebuild Taconic High School and to bring in tax dollars to make it happen.

Tricia has worked with parents and other concerned citizens to avoid massive layoffs in the schools. Tricia supports caps on charter schools.

Every vote counts. Please join me at the polls. Remember, the primary is on Thursday, Sept. 8. Vote for Tricia.

Marietta Rapetti Cawse, Pittsfield


Monday, August 22, 2016

Farley-Bouvier always rises to the challenge

I first met Tricia Farley-Bouvier when we were in high school volunteering for Special Olympics. She shared her spirit of service with me and asked me to join her as a volunteer tutor aid at school with the special needs students. We became fast friends.

High school ended and the college years happened. We took different paths but still ended up back in our hometown. We reconnected when our children were very young sharing play dates. When those children started school, she was back at volunteering again. We worked together on many events for Egremont Elementary School.

When an opportunity presented itself for a bigger challenge, Tricia ran for a City Council at large seat. It was easy to support her as she was a natural choice, and her huge victory as the top vote-getter both times she ran proved Pittsfield thought so too.

When another opportunity to become our representative in Boston came up, she again rose to the challenge and assembled a team. I was proud to again be a part of her team as I am now. Again, the people of Pittsfield spoke and again she was their first choice.

Tricia has always been involved as a positive light for our fine city. A lifelong resident and someone who has always contributed her time and her many talents to serve others, Tricia has a way of bringing people together for a greater good. She is approachable and she will take the time to listen to anyone's concerns. She has been our voice and our advocate in Boston since 2011. She works as a team member to bring about change that benefits us all.

It is because of that team spirit, that caring for the city that has always been a part of her entire life, that I ask you to join me on Sept. 8 and once again vote for Tricia Farley-Bouvier so that she can continue to be that strong and positive voice for Pittsfield.

Karen A. Winslow, Pittsfield


Farley-Bouvier is there for community, constituents

The job of state representative isn't only about the number of times your name appears first on legislation. It's how available a representative is to help a constituent who is having a challenge. It's how well that person cultivates and sustains relationships with colleagues and community leaders and it's demonstrating a proven commitment to improve Pittsfield for all its residents.

Tricia Farley-Bouvier brings this and more to the table through her years of public service, and that's why she will be getting my vote on primary day, Thursday, Sept. 8.

Pamela Knisley, Pittsfield


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Farley-Bouvier is the education candidate

As someone who has over 30 years of experience working in many administrative capacities for the Pittsfield Public Schools, I enthusiastically endorse state Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier as the clear education candidate in this election.

Throughout her life, Tricia has worn many hats in support of education. After graduating college, Tricia spent a year volunteering as a teacher for hearing impaired children in Belize, Central America. Upon her return to the U.S., she became a special education teacher here in Pittsfield. Once she earned her Master's Degree, Tricia taught for two years at the American School in Uruguay. Once she and her husband decided it was time to start a family, they returned to Pittsfield and Tricia began teaching at the Adult Learning Center. While she sat on the City Council, she also served as the executive director of the Literacy Network of South Berkshire.

As an original member and at one point co-chair of the School Building Needs Commission, Tricia met with teachers, administrators, parents, architects, and concerned citizens to initiate the process of upgrading Taconic High School. Tricia's collaborative approach not only gave all vested parties a voice at the table, but also gave all of us an example of how good government works.

Tricia's involvement in local politics began when Pittsfield Public Schools were facing the prospect of massive layoffs. Tricia collaborated with a group of fellow parents and concerned citizens called "Save Our Schools" to successfully pressure the city to find the funds needed to avert an educational disaster.

Once Tricia became our state representative, she helped to secure the funding needed to make the Taconic High School project a reality. Tricia's tireless efforts in support of this project will pay dividends for thousands of Pittsfield students for many years.

It would be difficult to find any candidate for office that is more dedicated to education than Tricia Farley-Bouvier. I am honored to have such a dedicated public servant represent me in Boston. She is a tireless fighter for education who gets things done. She is a doer, not just a sayer.

Charles Bordeau, Pittsfield


Friday, August 19, 2016

Farley-Bouvier has made case for re-election

There are many reasons why I support re-electing state Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier to represent Pittsfield's 3rd District.

Tricia has an incredible ability to connect with people. Tricia is involved in many programs that support Pittsfield residents and neighborhoods. When she is not in Boston, Tricia meets with more groups than I could possibly mention to understand the needs of our families and neighbors. She is accessible and understands that collaboration is the key to successful representation in the state house.

Tricia has worked closely with administrators in the Pittsfield schools and at Berkshire Community College. Tricia has a solid understanding of the need for accessible education as a way to break the cycle of poverty. She has been endorsed by the United Educators of Pittsfield and the Mass Teachers Association in recognition of her support for public education.

Tricia is co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus, has been a leading advocate for renewable energy as well as for holding natural gas companies responsible for fixing leaking gas pipelines, and she has been endorsed by the Environmental League of Massachusetts and the Sierra Club for her actions.

Tricia has been a leader in the Gateway City Caucus, and was able to help secure one of a very few grants for a full time fellowship position focusing on Tyler Street redevelopment.

I am proud to call Tricia a friend and hope that you will join me in voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Thursday, Sept 8 and again in the November general election.

Peter Sibner, Pittsfield


Monday, August 15, 2016

Farley-Bouvier is a proven state rep.

Michael Bloomberg is a bright young man who has done his research but lacks important skills and experience to be our state representative. For 12 years, Tricia Farley-Bouvier has demonstrated her ability to make things happen. She listens and learns from constituents in every neighborhood in Pittsfield to represent our city well. She earned the reputation for "being everywhere" because she is.

She has a unique ability to listen to both sides of an issue and to withhold judgment until a careful analysis is completed. She has the skills to negotiate a win-win solution. During her years in the House, she developed relationships on both sides of the aisle to facilitate important legislation. She used these skills to help to pass such important legislation as the Transgender Public Accommodation Bill and the Equal Pay Act.

She has the respect of the Speaker of the House because she can bring people to the table, along with the support of her colleagues in the Berkshire delegation, the Progressive Caucus and the Gateway City Caucus, all of whom think we are lucky to have her represent us. These connections take time to develop. We can't afford to start over and Michael's "just give them facts" response at the recent debate reflects his political naiveté in understanding the importance of those relationships.

Michael's suggestion that he would work with the other Gateway Cities is old news to Tricia, who has worked with the Gateway Cities Caucus to secure the funds for the Tyler Street development and for the three-year planning fellow to facilitate that process. His accusation that Tricia doesn't secure needed funding for education are unfounded. She has been a teacher, a member of the original building needs committee, a city councilor liaison to the Taconic High School project, which shows that she cares about education, and been the voice in Boston that helped secure that funding. She has been endorsed by the teachers union because she advocates for their issues, specifically increased pay for early educators. Obtaining funds for additional substance abuse treatment is another.

Michael has some good ideas for Pittsfield and he would be smart to find a way to contribute to the City's future. He is not ready to be our state representative. I am voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Thursday, Sept. 8 because she has proven she has the skills.

Marjorie Safran, Pittsfield


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Many reasons to vote for Farley-Bouvier

As a School Committee member, educator and 20-year resident of Pittsfield, I am voting to reelect Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative and this is why:

First, Tricia is a staunch advocate for education. She has fought passionately for funding for the full-time kindergarten grant and continues to fight for universal pre-K, especially for the Gateway Cities, of which Pittsfield is one, and she will continue the fight to keep the cap on charter schools. Tricia has also fought tirelessly over the past decade and secured funding for the new Taconic High School.

But, her advocacy does not stop at pre-K-12 education. Tricia fights passionately to ensure equity in funding for our community colleges and has been committed to working with administrators at Berkshire Community College to keep abreast of issues impacting higher education. Tricia meets regularly with Supt. McCandless of the Pittsfield Public Schools and President Kennedy of BCC. She understands education is the way out of poverty and the key to improved economic development.

Second, I am voting to reelect Tricia Farley-Bouvier because of her character. Tricia is service oriented, not politically motivated. She has been advocating for the improvement of people's lives long before she became a state rep and will continue long after she leaves public office. Tricia is known as the leader in the House on issues of child welfare and her advocacy for social workers.

As a member of the Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Tricia was instrumental in passing the new opioid bill and advocating for the establishment of two new opioid addiction facilities in Pittsfield. As co-chair of the Progressive Caucus, she was a key leader in advocating for a strong renewable energy bill, including having rules put in place to hold the gas companies accountable for their gas leaks.

Finally, I am voting to reelect Tricia because she represents all her constituents. She is accessible, values diversity and appreciates others' differences. Tricia is a good listener who seeks first to understand, then to be understood. I have personally witnessed Tricia work to bring diverse members of our community together to solve problems and become a more culturally competent community.

She is the kind of person I want representing my community in Boston and it is why I urge you to join me in voting to reelect Tricia Farley-Bouvier for our state representative on Thursday, Sept. 8.

Pamela A. Farron, Pittsfield


Friday, August 12, 2016

Farley-Bouvier supports people of region

I am writing to give my support to Tricia Farley-Bouvier to be re-elected to the state House of Representatives.

Rep. Farley-Bouvier personifies what a state representative should be. She sincerely cares about the people of Western Massachusetts, she is diligent, and she is committed to her role as state representative.

We are fortunate to have her represent us in the Statehouse.

Charles Joffe-Halpern, Williamstown


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Allow Farley-Bouvier to keep doing good work

I have known Tricia Farley-Bouvier for over 30 years. I am proud to say that I was her first employer and recognized very early on that she was a talented, hard-working, caring and motivated individual.

I have watched her over the years with admiration as she has developed into an incredibly dedicated leader who has worked day in and day out to help our community. Her determination to improve and protect the lives of the Berkshires' citizens is a model for us all to follow.

From the time she was first elected to the Pittsfield City Council, Tricia has shown great determination to help her constituents. In the Legislature, she has worked tirelessly to support legislation that has enhanced the lives of children, families, the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Whenever a crucial meeting takes place, whether in Pittsfield or Boston you can count on Tricia being part of the conversation. She has advocated for our region, and worked hard with her Berkshire delegation colleagues to bring funding to the Berkshires.

Whether it was for the cities and towns to support schools, cultural organizations to support the arts, the nonprofit agencies that serve so many of us or to improve our environment, Tricia has continued to lead the charge to improve lives. We are so fortunate that she is fighting for us in Boston and it is important that we show our appreciation and support. I urge you to vote in the September primary to make sure we return our passionate, dedicated state representative, Tricia Farley-Bouvier, to represent us in Boston.

Kenneth W. Singer, Pittsfield


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Farley-Bouvier offers experience, commitment

I feel privileged to have Tricia Farley-Bouvier as my state representative and acquaintance. It was a pleasure to see her son excel in his courses at Berkshire Community College, where I teach. His accomplishments are a fitting tribute to Tricia's background as an educator and strong supporter of education, particularly in securing funding for a new Taconic school building in Pittsfield.

Please know that our votes for Tricia Farley-Bouvier will sustain a tradition of outstanding representation for us through her experience, maturity, and deep commitment to our area — the home we share with her.

June Sprigg Tooley, Pittsfield


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Farley-Bouvier has a proven track record

We have been so fortunate to have had Tricia Farley-Bouvier as our state representative representing the 3rd Berkshire District, which includes almost all of Pittsfield.

It is imperative that we re-elect her so that we continue to be represented by an individual whose first priority is the residents of Pittsfield. She has a proven track record in advocating for children and families, working tirelessly for early education and access to higher education, advocating for fair wages, finding ways to solve the opioid crisis, going way beyond supporting economic development in Pittsfield, and much more.

On primary day, Thursday, Sept. 8, vote for Tricia, a proven leader.

Claudia L. Coplan, Pittsfield


Friday, August 5, 2016

Farley-Bouvier strong on environmental issues

We are writing to urge voters in Pittsfield to support the re-election of state Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, who is running for re-election in the Democratic primary on Thursday, Sept. 8.

We are proud to support Rep. Farley-Bouvier due to her steadfast leadership on environmental issues in the Legislature and her tireless work on behalf of the people of Pittsfield. She understands the importance of our state investing in clean energy, sustainable transportation, and parks to help address climate change, create jobs, and build healthier communities.

This past session, she has been a leader on legislation to prevent ratepayers from subsidizing unnecessary gas pipelines and addressing the issue of gas leaks. She has also been working to create jobs and has secured new state investments in the regional economy that will encourage new companies to locate in Pittsfield.

With critical environmental issues confronting the Legislature this next session, we ask you to please support a real environmental champion this fall.

Joe O'Brien, Boston The writer is political director, Environmental League of Massachusetts, Action Fund.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Help Farley-Bouvier keep serving Pittsfield

Our state representative, Tricia Farley-Bouvier, is one of the hardest-working individuals I have ever met. Her heart is with the city of Pittsfield.

Tricia has worked tirelessly to improve our quality of life and has served the city over decades, from teaching in our schools to city councilor and now as our state representative. I am voting for her re-election starting with the primary on Thursday, Sept. 8.

Mary L. McGinnis, Pittsfield


Monday August 1, 2016

Farley-Bouvier works for city and residents

I hope that the voters are paying attention right now because there is just over a month until the Thursday, Sept. 8 state primary elections.

Tricia Farley-Bouvier has earned my whole-hearted support for state representative in the Democratic primary. She is the work horse in this race. Her record of service to Pittsfield speaks for itself.

She is present at every significant event in the city, and understands the issues they represent. She works hard to improve the economy, the cultural aspect, and the social needs of all our citizens.

Please remember to go to the polls on Thursday, Sept. 8 and vote for Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative.

Mary K. O'Brien, Pittsfield

2011 Archive

Thursday October 13, 2011

Farley-Bouvier focused on issues

Tricia Farley-Bouvier is my choice in the upcoming 3rd Berkshire state representative election.

Tricia is focused on the important issues of our district -- jobs, education and the need for honest, transparent government.

Tricia works collaboratively; she takes the time to hear from all sides on the issue at hand, then makes a decision based on what she believes is in the best interest of the community.

As a city councilor, Tricia was a leader in writing the legislation that prevented strip clubs from opening in Pittsfield, and led the way to creating the city's Board of Health.

She fought to get our school nurses status in the teachers union and has worked (and was the chairperson) for the past several years on the School Building Needs Commission.

Tricia brings her love of Pittsfield and her passion for the community to her work. Please join me in voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Oct. 18.




Thursday October 13, 2011

Candidate has passion, ability to solve problems

I met Tricia Farley-Bouvier as a member of WHEN in 2004. She has always had great passion for her work. She brings people together to solve complex problems.

Her consistent positive attitude and energy help make it possible for solutions to be found.

Tricia makes things work.

Tricia's faith enriches her life, her values and her compassion for humanity, yet she knows she cannot know what is right for another's personal journey.

Her depth of knowledge and understanding on the wide range of critical issues we face, as well as her track record of commitment to fight on our behalf, will serve us well in Boston.

Please vote for Tricia on Tuesday, Oct. 18.




Wednesday October 12, 2011

Getting back to issues that matter

A candidate in search of an issue in the 3rd Berkshire District State Representative race has brought Tricia Farley-Bouvier's children into the fray. Tricia and her husband, Dan, have three children, two of whom attend public schools in Lenox and the third child is a student in the Pittsfield public school district. This seems to me to demonstrate a thoughtful family decision focused on the needs of the children, as it should be.

If having children in the Pittsfield schools or having attended them were a qualification for the state representative seat, then it leaves the incumbents in Wards 1 and 5 and our state snator vulnerable to the supposed dilemma.

One's children attend Lenox schools, one has no children and the state Senator attended St. Joseph's parochial school. Pittsfield families have been making personal decisions concerning school choice for as long as I remember. I have seen no accusations of their neglect of Pittsfield schools. In fact they have proved to be remarkable advocates for Pittsfield students.

One of Tricia's opponents seems to be opposed to choice concerning schools, yet demands that Tricia be pro-choice rather than pro-life on the other non-issue that she raised. Again, I do not recall these topics even being raised in recent past elections.

Let's get back to discussing the things that matter to Pittsfield voters -- economic development, jobs, clean energy, and the best public education possible for all of Massachusetts' students.

On these issues, Tricia's ability to cooperate with others to arrive at consensus is a strength that, I believe, will serve Pittsfield well if she is elected to represent us. The legislature is a body comprised of people with many different opinions and constituencies. Tricia will be a strong effective voice in that milieu.




Wednesday October 12, 2011

A candidate who backs education

I am a mother. I am a teacher. I am a member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association. I have worked in public schools from middle school to the community college level. I care deeply about whom we elect for the 3rd District State Representative seat because it will impact all of us who are invested in our public education system.

While all four candidates say that they support education, only one has the experience and know-how in both education and government to really make a difference.Tricia Farley-Bouvier is the only candidate who has been a teacher; she has more than 20 years experience in the field of education. She has taught in public and private schools, both locally and internationally.

She has championed our students, teachers, and parents throughout her career by working with city and state officials to secure funding for our schools. For the past six years, she has been a leader in our efforts to get state funding to renovate and refurbish both Pittsfield and Taconic High Schools. Of equal importance, Tricia is honest, hard-working, and has genuine integrity. While some people seek only to cast blame, Tricia seeks to find solutions. That is the type of person I want to have representing Pittsfield in Boston.

Please join me in voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier on October 18.




Tuesday October 11, 2011

Tricia: A proven track record

On October 18, the citizens of Pittsfield will elect a new State Representative to both represent and advocate for our community in Boston. I have a proven track record of working together with others to build on our strengths and to address our problems.

During this campaign, I have visited over 2,000 homes throughout Pittsfield. This has given me the chance to listen to the concerns and interests of our community. Clearly, the most important issue facing our city is jobs. People also care deeply about education and are frustrated with government dysfunction. I believe that it will take strong leadership and teamwork to successfully address these issues.

The best action that government can take to create jobs is to build an environment that invites job creation and expansion. This involves cooperation among various public agencies and collaboration between the public and private sector.

As Community Representative for Gov. Patrick's Broadband Initiative, I see an example of how such collaboration can pay huge dividends. I would like to build upon the successes of this project and bring "future-proof" fiber-optic Internet to every home and business in the City of Pittsfield. The potential impact of this on our local economy is limitless.

As an educator for over 20 years and mother of three, I care deeply about education. I first became involved in politics in Pittsfield in 2002 during the Save our Schools campaign, when there was serious consideration of closing Pittsfield High School due to budget cuts. When I served as an At-Large City Councilor from 2004-2008, I was the point person for educational issues.

I have spent the past six years working to secure state funding to upgrade our high schools as both a member and co-chair of the School Building Needs Commission. By investing in our children's education, we are not only giving our kids what they deserve, we are setting the stage for continuing economic development in the city.

The people of Pittsfield want more access to their State Representative. I envision an office for the State Representative in City Hall so that I can better work with municipal leaders and be available to the people of Pittsfield. My campaign is focused on the issues that matter most to the people of who live here. My collaborative leadership style which has been evidenced by my effective ability to bring people together and to solve problems will be the hallmark of my service to you as State Representative.

For more information on my candidacy, visit www.triciafarleybouvier.com.

I respectfully ask for your vote on October 18th.




Sunday October 9, 2011

Tricia will be an effective advocate

On Oct. 18 we have the opportunity to elect a strong, capable, and upright candidate as our state representative in the 3rd Berkshire District.

Tricia Farley-Bouvier is that candidate. Her experience and effectiveness in both education and government prove that she can get the job done. She understands the strengths and challenges facing our community and can work collaboratively with people at both the state and local level to promote job growth, quality education, and to develop a responsible state budget.

Please vote for Tricia on the 18th. She will be an effective and knowledgeable advocate for Berkshire County.




Monday October 3, 2011

Farley-Bouvier has the track record

I ask you to join me in voting for Tricia Farley- Bouvier on Oct. 18 for 3rd Berkshire District state representative.

At-Large Councilor Farley-Bouvier worked with Ward 5 Councilor Jonathan Lothrop to help the neighborhood stop the transfer station from being located on Industrial Drive just off South Street. This was after we had been told by our previous Ward 5 councilor that it was a "done deal." One of the things that became apparent in trying to stop the transfer station was that residents did not have the protection of a Board of Health that most cites and towns have. Tricia initiated the creation of a five member Board of Health that is now in place to protect all neighborhoods.

When the owner of Munchies Pub auctioned it off to a group that was planning to put adult entertainment in Ward 5, Tricia again joined forces with Councilor Lothrop to help create a strong adult entertainment ordinance. After initial passage she and Jonathan worked diligently to increase the setback from 300 feet to 400 feet, thus preventing adult entertainment from going into Munches Pub. The ordinance has been a major reason for keeping these clubs out of our city.

Her commitment to the city and her 20 years in education have given her the experience to be an excellent state representative. We need Tricia's proven leadership in Boston. Please vote for her on Oct. 18!




Sunday October 2, 2011

Tricia is proven problem-solver

My aunt, Patricia Farley-Bouvier, is a wise woman of character and is a natural leader. I have admired her my entire life and she is a true inspiration to me. She brings positive energy to every activity and organization she is involved in. She is the person people naturally gravitate toward to solve problems.

Among her many attributes, she continues to be a devoted wife, mother, aunt, sister and daughter. When I was a child, she took special interest in caring for me and my sister when our mother was ill. Our family continues to be amazed by her passion for improving our community. I am truly proud of my Aunt Tricia and undoubtedly her commitment and experience in local government will continue to serve as a positive influence in our community as a state representative.


Columbus, Ga.


Berkshire Eagle, Sunday, September 18, 2011

Education is a strength for Tricia

 I have been proud to call Tricia Farley-Bouvier a friend since we first worked together in 2002 with the “Save Our Schools” grassroots campaign that successfully saved funding for our local schools. Tricia has a proven track record of working with people to find common ground and collaborate with all sides to resolve issues. Tricia’s record of public service and experience in this election cannot be matched.

She was a two- term city councilor- at- large, served as the executive director of the Literacy Network of South Berkshire and has worked closely with our local and state legislators on many issues that affect our city. As a city councilor, Tricia played a key role in facilitating the rebirth of Pittsfield. For the past six years, through her leadership on the School Building Needs Commission, she has worked to secure state funding to upgrade both Pittsfield and Taconic High Schools.

As a lifetime member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, father of two, and one who has worked in every school in Pittsfield, I know which candidate is the most qualified to speak to the needs of our teachers, students and schools. Tricia has over 20 years of experience in education, has led the way to secure state funding to bring our schools up to date, and has over five years of experience in local government as a city councilor and assistant to the mayor. Since she began her involvement in the public arena, no one has been a stronger advocate for teachers, students or schools in our city than Tricia. She is the only candidate with the experience and knowledge to help our community work to improve our schools, teachers’ and students’ success. Tricia understands that having excellent teachers and schools attracts businesses to Pittsfield. She understands what it takes to create an environment that will promote and sustain businesses in Pittsfield. Tricia has spent much of the last several years working with local and state officials and will be able to hit the ground running in the fall. Tricia understands the needs of our city and has the skills to communicate those needs in the Statehouse.

Please join me in voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Sept. 20. For more information, please go to www.triciafarleybouvier. com.




All qualifications for a state rep.

I hope that every registered voter in the city of Pittsfield will turn out on Tuesday, Sept. 20 to vote for Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative in the 3rd Berkshire District.

Tricia will fight for our families, our jobs and our tax dollars. She understands the issues in Pittsfield from several important perspectives: as a seasoned, effective administrator with the maturity and experience to make wise decisions; as a passionate advocate for quality education for all children; as a taxpayer who will treat every tax dollar spent as if it’s her own; and as a person who grew up in Pittsfield, traveled the world and came back home because of her love for this community.

How could we ask for more in a state representative?




Go to the polls, vote for Tricia

 On Tuesday, there will be a special election in Pittsfield to elect the state representative to fill the remaining term in the 3rd Berkshire District. The next general election to fill this seat will be in Nov. 2012. Currently, this district (all of Pittsfield, except Wards 1B and 5B) has no representative in Boston. This is not a primary election. The winner of the special election fills the seat.

Please take the time to vote next Tuesday. Unfortunately, a very low turnout is expected. Let’s prove this prediction wrong and get out and vote.

Also, please take the time to compare the qualifications of all the candidates. In my opinion, Tricia Farley-Bouvier shines in her qualifications. She has a lifelong commitment to Pittsfield and has experience in city government. She is hard working, intelligent, dedicated and conscientious. Tricia will make sure our voices are heard in Boston.

Hope to see you at the polls Tuesday and the following Tuesday, Sept. 27 for the local preliminary mayoral election. Be part of the solution!




Berkshire Eagle, September 17, 2011

Farley-Bouvier is right pick for job

I consider it a privilege to be casting my vote for Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative for quite a few important reasons. First, Tricia has municipal experience and has dedicated herself to improving the lives of the citizens of Pittsfield. As an animal lover, all I really needed to know was that Tricia helped with the restructuring of our Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter. As a child, I remember my parents saying that if a person had a soft spot in their heart for animals, then they had to have character and a real sense of compassion. I think my parents were right!

Tricia has been a supporter of the arts and played a very important role in the revitalization of downtown Pittsfield. We’ve all benefited from her efforts and we can be proud of a downtown that is now full of life and genuine excitement. It’s been a long time coming but at last downtown Pittsfield is a destination once again.

Tricia is a strong proponent of education and one of her priorities is to improve the quality of education for our young people. I don’t take kindly to the idea that the children of America are lagging behind those of other nations.

I can say with confidence that Tricia Farley-Bouvier has her priorities straight and that she is the right person for the job!




Elect an advocate for the Berkshires

I am writing in support of Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative from the 3rd Berkshire District. She is strongly committed to serving the needs of our community, particularly those concerning families and children. Her expertise and experience in education have been evident in her various public roles, which have included city councilor at large.

She will be an effective advocate for the Berkshires on Beacon Hill. Tricia has my vote on Sept. 20.




Berkshire Eagle, September 16, 2011

Tricia committed to city, county 

I support Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative because she’s sensible, she is great at working with others to accomplish goals, and because she is enthusiastic and committed to Pittsfield and all of Berkshire County. In her service to this city as councilor at large, Tricia Farley-Bouvier demonstrated remarkable fortitude.

She has the experience and commitment and is an excellent choice for state representative.




Vote in Sept., Oct. for Farley-Bouvier 

At a time when most people are disillusioned with politics and feel like there is little they can do to effect change, most Pittsfield voters will be asked to vote four times between Sept. 20 and Nov. 8. The Democratic preliminary in the 3rd Berkshire District is a place where we can make things change. Because voter turnout will be low, your vote will determine who our next state representative will be. Please consider Tricia Farley-Bouvier because we need a state representative who: * Has established relationships with our delegation and with the state officials who make important decisions about our future. As a city administrator, Tricia has established relationships to build on. * Has demonstrated a commitment to the city, knowledge of local issues and an ability to listen to all sides before making an educated decision. As chair of the School Building Needs Committee and as a city councilor, Tricia has demonstrated her ability to work collaboratively and do what is best for all Pittsfield citizens.

* Is experienced in understanding government operations and has well thought out ideas for change. Tricia’s 20 years in education and time working with city government has helped her understand that education is the key to jobs. She supports a state of the art regional technical high school because she knows that without a well prepared work force no company is going to come and stay in Pittsfield.

We need to remember to vote for Tricia on Sept. 20 to get the opportunity to vote for Tricia on Oct. 18 and elect a state representative who will truly represent us well in Boston.




Berkshire Eagle, September 15, 2011

A vote for jobs, schools, families

A vote for Tricia Farley-Bouvier for 3rd Berkshire District state representative on Sept. 20 is a vote for improving education, creating jobs and keeping families strong.




Berkshire Eagle, September 14, 2011

A voice that we need in Boston

I am writing in support of Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative from the 3rd Berkshire District.

I have known Tricia for many years and admire her passion and enthusiasm for making Berkshire County a better place. Tricia is a dedicated, knowledgeable, forward-thinking leader, with the ability to tackle tough problems by focusing on the issues, listening to her constituents and finding the best solutions to address the tasks at hand.

I believe Tricia is the voice that the Berkshires need in the Statehouse. Please join me in voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier on Sept. 20.




Berkshire Eagle, September 12, 2011

Tricia will make immediate impact 

On Sept. 20, I will be casting my vote for Tricia Farley-Bouvier for state representative. In the past, Tricia has proven that she can take on tasks and can work them through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Let me give you just two examples: When Tricia was elected to the Pittsfield City Council, she had an immediate impact. An Adult Entertainment District Ordinance had been pending at the City Council for years and was going nowhere. Tricia helped rewrite that ordinance and advocated for its passage. Thanks to Tricia, we can now protect our neighborhoods from that element.

At the same time, Tricia was chairperson of the Public Buildings Subcommittee. Pittsfield High School, Taconic High School, Conte Elementary School, Morningside Elementary School and Crosby Elementary School were desperately in need of repairs. Rather than holding the meetings in City Hall, Tricia insisted that the meetings take place at the affected schools while they were in session. This gave the subcommittee an opportunity to talk with staff and with students. What a unique concept. Yes, the repairs were done, thanks to Tricia.

Based on my association with Tricia, I feel that she will represent and advocate for the city of Pittsfield from the first day she takes the oath of office.


Pittsfield City Council President 


Berkshire Eagle, September 11, 2011

Tricia will be an outstanding rep. 

Whenever we are given the opportunity to elect our government representatives we generally seek out candidates who share our political ideology, but we are entitled to much more. At the very least our elected officials should be great thinkers, have a passion to serve and have the ability to get things done.

Voters in the 3rd Berkshire District have the opportunity to elect a candidate with all of these qualities by voting for Tricia Farley-Bouvier. Through my service on a city commission with Tricia I have witnessed her ability to articulate and dissect complicated issues, solve problems through thoughtful consideration and passionately pursue her goal to improve the lives of the citizens she serves.

Please vote for Tricia. She has the intelligence, integrity and dedication to be an outstanding state representative.




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